Metal Recycling in Hong Kong・香港的廢鐵回收

No doubt that metal recycling is one of the dirtiest jobs in the world. You work so hard, yet you earn just a few. Hong Kong as a well-developed city, metal recycling industry still exists. It is a…

Source: Metal Recycling in Hong Kong・香港的廢鐵回收

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Little Stuff #24 Glitter Glitter


I guess nobody will doubt that glittering high heels are the best for partying, right?

Sam Eldelman, Dea Navy Glitter.

Here and There … Art Jamming


Last Friday, my ladies organized a 1-month anniversary party for me. We decided to go for some art jamming.

We went to the AURA Art at Kwun Tong in Hong Kong. It is a workshop for art-jamming, cafe, gallery and art store. AURA Art offers different kinds of art jamming, such as Chinese   Painting Jam, Acrylic Painting Jam and Print Painting Jam. This time, we chose the Acrylic Painting Jam since we haven’t tried before.

To start the jamming session, the coach asked us to select some photos/ illustrations/ drawings to copy. I selected red floral painting and started to outline and paint.


Well! I am obviously not born to be a painter! LIKE TOTALLY NOT A PAINTER MATERIAL!

I tried to draw the shape of leaves and flowers. After I realized that I would never draw something resemblance to the sample, I made it freestyle – some capitalized words and background. Red color sounded furious and energetic, let’s use that! Oh god, I could not control the brushes and mix the color at all. No matter how hard I tried, I still could not mix the colors that I want, neither could I outlined the shapes in details.

After 2 hours of hard work, here is my masterpiece. “OH!!” alerts you when you first step into my home, which brings you welcome and energy! Such a contemporary art and bullshit!

Summary: I did enjoy this art jamming session. It was so much fun! We all realized how terrible our art DNA are. Now, I really really admire those who can paint. I love our friends who are painters.