3 Things You Need To Get Yourself Prepared Before Marriage


Bean and I have almost been married for 1 month (Yes, it’s our 1-month celebration tomorrow! Yoohoo!) For us, nothing has really changed after marriage. It’s probably because we had partially lived together for half year. We still have our own time for being alone and friends, he still goes to the gym while I am still active in some yoga or boxing. So far, we really enjoy our marriage – simple and happy ūüôā

Actually, two of my friends are going to take a big step in their lives in March! I am so happy for them.

During the last single dinner with our bride-to-be Ms L, she shared the thrill and nervousness of the wedding. Well, I certainly do understand how she feels now. It’s like there are tons of sudden changes and the tedious troubles from parents etc. These are the troubles that only bother you for several months. The things coming after the wedding day ¬†are indeed the tremendous pressure cooker if you have no self-preparation.

I would like to share the 3 Tips You Need To Get Yourself Prepared Before Marriage:

  1. Are you ready to live with him or her, or even with his/her family?Looking back the gradual change we had, we are so glad that we took a decision of partially living together. Living with the soulmate is not as easy as you think, both of you need to accept the quirky sides, which you might just realize how weird it could be until the day you both live together.

    Well, what if you need to live with his/her family? That would be an even tough situation I guess. You may know him/her pretty well, but not his/her parents or siblings right? Each family has its own rules or routines. My recommended way for you to ¬†integrate with your spouse’s family is to observe and embrace your new family. Then, you will find that it’s a lot of fun!

  2. How to allocate the alone time and together time?For me, alone time for myself is critically important! Marriage doesn’t mean that you are going to end your interest/ career/ anything you love. In fact, a harmonic marriage will give you a drive to pursue what you would like to be. I need time and space to write, read, self- reflect, yoga, piano and boxing.

    Before we go to sleep, Bean and I would have our own corners. He might watch his favourite TV series or DigitalRevTV ( Yes, he is a very good photographer indeed) while I might browse online, read and do blogging.

    Sticking with each other is sweet. Yet, don’t forget to keep pursuing your interest after marriage.

  3. What about time for parents?Both Bean and I have grown up in the traditional families, which conserve the Sri Lankan and Chinese culture. That is why we both treasure our family values. Plus, Bean and I do believe that family really comes first! This is a place that give us support and shelter.

    Therefore, after marriage, we set up a routine to visit my parents at least once a week. Going back to parents’ home is the best way to get rid of the hectic, have some good food, reminisce my childhood and nice talk. Funny enough, this is the place I can enjoy some stupid Cantonese TV.

    Well, for Bean’s family, just like other interracial marriage, we will visit them probably 1-2 times a year I guess.


Wooooo… Yes I Got Married!

Yes I Got Married!! ( That is one of the reason I skipped blogging this for a while, my lazy)

Actually we have just planned for the wedding for maximum 2 months. And we successfully made a simple but super warm wedding, which contains the element of Chinese and some western culture.

There are a lot of things I would like to share. Some are interested in how we arranged the wedding, or why we make it in 2 months while most of the couples plan for it for 1 year. Plenty of friends asked me if there is any changes after the wedding, and how do I feel of becoming a wife at the age of 25, and a lot.

How do you feel of being a wife at the age of 25?

It might be slightly early for me to get married at the age of 25. I still consider myself not entirely mature enough to enter another page of life. Yet, I realise that I have found the one who seems to quite understand me, or whom I can call him soulmate. Here is the motto – Never miss any chance! So that’s why I accept the proposal.


Indeed, I am so grateful for what I have at this moment. I have the parents who support the idiotic and stubborn daughter, the husband who just wants me happy and find my way to live in this life. In exchange, we both need to be more responsible. I would like to say, rather than responsible, it’s actually be reasonable.

Last year, I have met several middle aged lady. I can brutally say that single life at that age is pathetic. Reason is that once you have reached certain achievements and can easily obtain high quality life standard, you will take being treated as a queen for granted. These ladies seem to have everything in their lives, yet mostly not including a stable relationship. I can always see the loneliness from their eyes. You can say that what is wrong of being single. There is nothing wrong. Yet, at the end of the day, you just want somebody to hug at late night and share the stupid things you have done.

So far, I am still so grateful I have found the one who allow me to hug with the icy hands and listen to my stupidity. Not bad, right?

Happy Graduation!

This post is a bit personal. But I am still so so so happy for my lovely Bean. Happy Graduation!!


“You worked hard, like really really HARD.” Really that’s what I felt several months ago. And that’s the moment I realise that earning a PhD is indeed so damn hard. Discovering some new and exploring the unknown factors can only be succeed by perseverance and diligence. It’s just crazy.¬†“No Pain, No Gain” is always true in everywhere. That’s really what I learn from my dearest Bean.

Yet, here is one thing, the perception to PhD or Doctor is that they are extremely stiff, boring and technical. It’s true that most of them are smart. In fact, they are just crazy weirdo like the rest of us. At the end of the day, Bean still needs to do our weekly cleaning and accompany me to the wet market :P.

Still still still, I am so happy for you, like way more happier than my own graduation.

P.S Going back to HKUST really makes me feel so proud of being one of the alumni there.



Waking up in the morning and browsing FB, I was noticed by the safe check. I started wondering WTF was that. Clearly reading the wordings, I realised that some of my friends were safe through the Paris Attack. Then, browsing the NewsFeed, I was completely shocked right after! After reading the BuzzFeed, I felt deep sympathy to the French and started getting nervous, because I presumed that it is only the beginning. And hopefully I am wrong.

Early in September, we had a chat with our Macedonian friend since he just dropped by HK for several days. We were talking about the matter of refugees crisis. Thousands of refugees passed through Macedonia each day. Some conquered the highway or used it as the football pitch. Everybody could understand that the situation is getting chaotic and catastrophic.

We debated whether or not to accept the refugees. Well, the fact is that you cannot avoid them crossing the border and embracing Europe. If you believe in humanity, human beings should have the right of possessing a safe shelter, being treated equally. You will definitely escape from Syria if you were one of the Syrian. Yet, you just never know who belongs to ISIS among of tons of them. No matter how advanced the immigration registration system is, it just cannot handle the chaotic overload. Recognising terrorists from millions of them right away is basically impossible.

Therefore, we thought that there will be a chance that some of the refugees may be assigned from ISIS…… Indeed, those terrorists can attack Europe step by step easily, due to the failure of handling the overloaded immigrants. Maybe the Paris Attack is just the beginning. Well, hopefully we are wrong.

For me, to a large extent, Paris and the whole Europe symbolise human legacy. Destroying the entire human legacy is something that a human being should not accept. Just stay strong and stand together, and protect the human legacy.

Throwback Thursday … Julien Dor√© – Chou Wasabi

Obviously I have no idea how to speak French. This lyrically and melodically well written French folk is remarkable. It is another song that vitalise the morning.

No need to mention¬†the details of how¬†Julien Dor√© became a awarded pop idol after Nouvelle Star. He proved himself a multi talented artist and songwriter, with some sense of humour as well. The release of album¬†L√łve led to a wave of comments. Obviously, the vibrance he created brings some color and slight difference to the pop music, especially under current dirty atmosphere – the crappy electro music.