Throwback Thursday … Baby It’s Cold Outside

It’s again the Christmas time. We are heading to Guilin China for our little Christmas Holiday! Stay tuned.

And it should be a bit cold there, yeah I know!

Merry Christmas!


Throwback Thursday … Alicia Keys – Lesson Learnt

I was a huge fans of Alicia Keys ( and John Mayer as well). She tremendously influenced me music-wise – from A Woman’s Worth in Songs in A Minor, If I Ain’t Got You and Diary in the Diary of Alicia Keys, live performance in Unplugged (Actually I have watched Unplugged for more than 10 times… lol) and Lesson Learnt in As I Am. I feel like the pieces she written has been changed from deeply soulful to pop R&B. Yet, they mostly are related to feminism, being yourselves etc.

Years later, it turns to be a bit boring. Each song is featured with “Awwwwww… “, like “No One, No One, No Oneeeeeeeeawwwwwww” in No One or “This Girl is on Fireeeeeeeawwwwww!”. Well, even my mum thinks that her songs turn to be boring now. That’s why, for me, it’s better to reminisce the old time…….

Music Industry is just like Project Runway, like Heidi Klum said “Today you are in, next day you are out!” It’s great to write the songs you are good at. Meanwhile, audience is looking for something new as well.

Throwback Thursday … Hard Times by RUN-D.M.C.

Had a home party last Friday. I really felt ashamed that we disturbed the host until 2am and broke the glass again ( actually we accidentally breaks the glass at that place every time… just get used to it). Thanks to Spotify, we have the music station again.

Apart from the typical Bob Marley songs to make us high, we selected some 80s songs. Wow, 80s, that’s the decade where I had not existed yet. That’s why I am so unfamiliar with those musics.

One song from the playlist is Hard Times by Run-D.M.C. Rap at 80s are just distinctly different from the Rap nowadays. The differences do not only lie on the rhyme and timbre, it is also about the context. Well, when you listen carefully, the lyrics of the mainstream rap there in 70s or 80s are more positive and cheerful in worldwide. The Raps in 90s start to be furious and full of anger, especially when you look into the Eminem. In 20s, gangster rap is even more popular, as well as the flirty dirty rap like Snoop Dogg. It is not only happening in the USA, it is just a global phenomena.

Well, that is just what we figure out after the whole night Bob Marley and 80s. A little bit sad and weird to see this change.

Throwback Thursday … Spiralling by Keane

Keane’s music has played an crucial role in my adolescence. They inspired me how to traditional piano or keyboard transforms to the modern alternative rock music. Several years later, they made a breakthrough of leveraging the 80s typical pop music to next level. At first, I was not impressed by “Spiralling”. I felt like it was too old-schooled. I was still totally indulged with “Is it any wonder”.

Several years later, the release of Beck’s “Dreams” immediately reminds me of “Spiralling”. Am I the only one who think that Keane’s Spiralling resembles with Beck’s Dreams? There are many similarities between both. The tempo, bass etc. Now, what do you think?

Throwback Thursday … James Morrison … I Won’t Let You Go

No reason, I just love this song! James Morrison is really good at creating Pop Ballade. Since he has just released the new album, it’s time to reminisce his old collection.(Actually I replay them all the time)

I think that James Morrison is quite underestimated. Hardly you can find media coverage of him. And, what a pity that such a talented artist have not really entered the international stage like Adele and Ed Sheeran. Indeed, his live performance is absolutely stunning! Compared with most of the other’s performances by the artists who gained international success, he rarely sings out of tune, like really rarely.  The signature raspy voice leads the songs to a sentimental level. Sometimes, his acoustic version is even better than the studio recording.

I have been waiting for his new album for such a long time. It’s good to see him come back with the album Higher Than This.

P.S. I know it is little bit lame to post this one.